Lake Plastiras

Lake Plastiras is located in the plateau Nevropolis, in the Prefecture of Karditsa. Lake Plastiras is an artificial lake. Its official name is Lake Tavropos. The lake was formed in 1959, when the dam of River Tavropos or Megdovas was completed. The idea of the construction of the lake is attributed to Nikolaos Plastiras, famous Greek general and politician. In 1935, when devastating floods occurred in the region, Nikolaos Plastiras visited his hometown, Morfovouni, which is a village in the region. It is said that he prophetically mentioned that "here, one day, it will become lake". So, when the lake was finally created, it took Nikolaos Plastiras’s name.

The lake contains 400 million m3 of water, has maximum length of 12 km, maximum width of 4 km, the total area is 24 km2, while maximum depth is around 60 m and maximum altitude is 750 m. The water is used for irrigation and electricity generation; close to the lake, in the village Metropolis, there is a hydroelectric plant, generating power of 129.9 MWatt. These last years, the region has been exploited as touristic resort offering a number of activities organized in and around the lake.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the lake and its surrounding area. Before the creation of the lake, ancient River Tavropos was in the place where today is the lake. The river was passing the area to join River Acheloos. This area was called "Nevropoli", apparently due to the abundance of deer living here at the time (nevros is the baby deer). Nikolaos Plastiras conceived the idea to build a dam that would provide a solution to the irrigation problem of the plain of Thessaly, to the water supply of Karditsa and other communities, but also provide electricity by the exploitation of waterpower. Certainly, the idea took years to become reality.

The lake is situated approximately 25 km west of Karditsa at an altitude of 800m, 325 km from Athens and 250 km from Thessaloniki. Due to its easy accessibility, the lake is described as one of the most accessible destinations in Greece. The landscape is breathtaking as high verdant mountains surround the beautiful lake. The area is considered a "paradise" for nature lovers since it provides the opportunity for hiking, fishing, all kinds of mountain sports and walks in the forest. The main motivation to travel here is to escape from the everyday routine and stress. Since the early 1980s, thousands of nature lovers discover the beauty of the area and its uniqueness. Investments made by public or private funds and local businesses providing services of high quality have transformed the region in a famous tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors all year round.

The northeastern side of Agrafa Mountains is visible even from the city of Karditsa and it is called Kazarma. And at the lowest part of Agrafa Mountains, Lake Plastira seems like a blue mirror. The ancient Nymphs of the lake were the Naiades. These Nymphs were the nymphs of rivers and springs. Living always in caves, close to the water or in it, according to ancient Greek mythology, they were a symbol of water’s great importance for life.