On the national road, towards the village of Kalyvia Pezoulas and approximately 1.5 km from the village of Neochori, there is a sign leading to the Botanical Garden, situated not far from the national road. Visitors have the opportunity to walk in the garden and buy traditional biological herbs and other products.

River Anthochoriti that flows through the village will charm nature lovers. Following a specially designed path, visitors will see, at the entrance of the gorge, the newly renovated watermill. Then the path is surrounded by lush vegetation and abundant running water leading to the waterfalls of Anthohori, waterfalls of great beauty. After passing the waterfalls, visitors can head either to “Nine Sources”, located at an altitude of 1500m through the path, or to another natural source, called “Mallia”.

A visitor can enjoy the most glamorous picture of the lake at the “Observatory” (1.350m altitude). The lake and the imposing Mountains Agrafa compose the stunning landscape. One can admire rare birds, the alpine forest and the tops of high mountains. Visitors should take the main national road and, around 2 km before the dam, should follow the sign to turn right, and, after 3 km, will arrive to position “Observatory”.

The dam is an impressive concrete structure, an elegant bow that seems to embrace the huge volume of water of the lake. The dam has a depth of 83 m. Close to the dam, at the position Moucha, visitors can admire the fjords of the lake and its small island of Niaga, situated in the center of the lake.