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Lake Plastira is an ideal destination for every season. A human intervention that managed to marry the artificial with the natural element. Magical part that they found shelter in the forests the Fairy and the beautiful sleeping. A place for guests looking for peace and tranquility but also for those who want adventure combining mountain and lake activities.
In the area you can take adventure activities such as:
Climbing at Port Mouzaki
Horse riding around the lake
Fishing with a pole

The winery of Karate
The Karamitos Winery is located in the prefecture of Karditsa and is famous for its excellent quality wine and the many awards that have attracted its wines. It also offers the opportunity to visit its premises, a truly unique experience.

The Karamitos Winery was founded in 2000 and is one of the most modern in the prefecture of Karditsa. It is located in Mesenikola of Plastira Municipality and is 22 km from the town of Karditsa and only 3 km from the beautiful and picturesque Lake Plastira. It is the only winery in the OPAP zone. (Designation of Origin of Higher Quality). The OPAP zone means that only a specific region has the right to produce a specific wine. The production of wine follows specific and legislated specifications such as the geographical production area of ​​the grapes, the permitted varieties of grapes for its production, the yield per hectare of vineyards, the vinification technique and the time of its aging.

It is a family business with great wine experience, experience that is lost two generations back in the past. The Karamitos Winery has privately owned vineyards of about 40 acres all in Mesenikola as well as 100 partner vineyards. Nowadays, the annual production of the winery amounts to 35,000 bottles with its main product, Black Mesenicola, which is sold in the Greek market while a part of it is exported to Germany. The market also has wines in 187 ml bottles and 5, 10 and 20 liter bags in box. From the very first moment of the founding of the winery, its main goal remains to promote the bottled product at competitive prices without compromising on high quality and always with respect to the consumer.


The Mesenikola Wine Festival is one of the top events of N. Karditsa, which became an institution and a cultural event of wider radiation.
It began in the 1960s as Grape and Wine Festival Mesenicola. It was in the central square of the village at the beginning of September, in cooperation with the Agriculture Department of N. Karditsa, with a parallel exhibition and awards for agricultural products, to be interrupted for several years.
In 1984, by decision of the then Community Council, the Mezenikolas Wine Festival was established on August 15th and is combined with the feast of the village church (Assumption of the Virgin).
It is made in a specially designed place in the location "chestnut trees" in a green, idyllic and cool environment.
It has a spacious parking area and a fairly large square that together with the platforms accommodates some 1500 people, wine cellar from which free Mezinikolitika wines are distributed in three types of White - Rosé - Red. Still, in order for the wines to be pleasantly drunk and their characteristics to be highlighted, they are cooled in the cold storage room of the cellar.
Inside the same venue there is a Cafe - Bar - Grill where guests can get local grilled meats, other snacks, refreshments etc.
During the Feast of the Feast, there is a rich artistic program, while other events are organized (Agricultural, Forestry, Folklore, Painting, Book, Photo Workshops for Vineyards and Wines, etc.).
Lastly, the winners of the region's wine-growers were established
(one award for each category White - Red - Red). The Wine Association of Karditsa is responsible for the evaluation of these wines as well as for the wines offered entirely free of charge by the wine cellar.


In the villages around Lake Plastira are organized every year important cultural events and festivals.
"Locatsaria" or "Rogatsaria" on January 5 at Morphouni. An ancient custom, in which young people visit the houses disguised and say special carols depending on the tenants.
On the Saturday of Carnival, a traditional liturgical feast is organized in the cultural center of Morphouniou with live music.
Easter is celebrated in the area with special reverence and tradition. In the evening of Resurrection, in most villages, the "Burning of Aphanus" (of Judah) takes place, offering a unique spectacle. On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the "double dance" or "dance of love" is set up in the village square. On the second day of Easter, the "emblem", an ancient religious custom, takes place.
Annual Meeting of the Morfovounites, every Monday of the Pentecost at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Morphouni. Traditional food, local wine and tsipouro are offered.
On the day of the Holy Spirit, a traditional pie festival in Kanalia.
Feast on Belemokiti on June 30, on the day of the 12 Apostles.
Fair in Neochori on 17 July, on Agia Marina.
Feast in the villages of Kastania, Kryoneri, Neochori, Fylakti on 19-20 July to celebrate Prophet Elias.
Feast of Pezoula on 27 July, on the day of Saint Panteleimon.
In summer, the Plastira and Smokovo lakes festival is organized, which includes theatrical performances, artistic seminars and lectures, concerts, and other cultural events and traditional festivals.
Every August, cultural events are organized in the villages of Kryoneri, Karitsa and Fylaki.
Wine Festival in Mesenicola on 10-15 August. The feast takes place in a specially landscaped area in the forest, accompanied by live music, local roasts and free wine.
In the first half of August in Morfovouni, the cultural events "Plastiria" take place in honor of Nikolaos Plastiras. The events include theatrical performances, musical tributes, liturgical feast, revival of customs, exhibitions, traditional games,
The Hellenic Pyramid Cultural Club organizes every year the Hellenic Pyramid events, which include painting exhibitions, musical evenings, cinema films, children's events and much more.
On August 15th, cultural and sporting events are organized in Lampero, where the Pan-Hellenic Crossing of Lake Plastira also takes place.
Feast in Kalyvia on August 19th.
Cultural Events in Kerasia, August 20-24.
Businessman in Mesenikola on 3-5 September.
In October, a chestnut festival in Hellenic Pyrgos, offering free dishes, sweets and wine.