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About 1.5 km north of Neochori, heading towards Kalyvia Pezoulas, we will see in our right hand a sign that leads us to the Botanical Garden after a short distance. Guests can browse, buy aromatic plants and herbs

Nature lovers will be captivated by the river Anthohoritis that runs through the village. Following the specially shaped path you will find at the entrance of the gorge the newly renovated watermill, and then the path is surrounded by lush vegetation and abundant waters that end up in the unparalleled beauty of Anthochorion waterfalls.
Then you can head to either the Nine Vrises Springs at an altitude of 1500m. through the path, or to the fountain of Malia and Agios Nikolaos Vlassios.
The most spectacular view of the lake will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the Observatory. Arriving at the Observatory, you let your eyes get lost in the water's surface of the lake, with its fjords and its verdant islet. On the other hand, the wooded slopes and in the background the imposing peaks of Agragon complete the enchanting scenery. From the main road, 2 km. before the Dam, we follow the sign on the right for an observatory. A total of three kilometers, 1.5 km. asphalt and 1.5 km. Good dirt road leads us to the spot observatory at 1350m. altitude overlooking the lake and the villages of Trikala and Karditsa (with a clean atmosphere) and the view reaches Mount Olympus. Inside a green environment, the view will surprise you pleasantly. You can admire the lake along its length and width, the sky with the rare birds, the alpine forest, the bare peaks of the tall mountains being painted in the background.

An impressive concrete structure, an elegant bow that looks like embracing the huge volume of lake water, is a beautiful spot to look at the lake, but also the back of the dam that sways 83 meters deep, vertically between the rocks. A little further down, you can admire the fjord of the lake and the opposite island of Niagka.