Pelekite Monastery

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The Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti, a imposing post-Byzantine monument, is built on a steep and high cliff (1400m) of Pindos, one kilometer northwest of the village of Karytsa. Tradition says that the name "Pelecte" is due to the fact that, in order for the Monastery to be built on the almost vertical rock, it was first necessary to sculpt the rock with wooden tools, following the suggestion of the Virgin Mary, which was presented to the masters' the rock with the cutter and you will build a church that you will call Virgin Mary Pelekite ". The Holy Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti is considered one of the most rare religious monuments of the 16th century. Here you can admire many important heirlooms such as sacred gospels, manuscripts, ecclesiastical vessels and much more. Do not forget to watch the magnificent wood-carved iconostasis and frescoes that adorn the temple. The monastery celebrates the memory of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August.