In Nevros Hotel Resort & Spa we combine tradition with modern cuisine and is assured in conjunction with excellent views of the lake from our restaurants give you a complete package to our customers.
Both our restaurants, main restaurant and tavern have fantastic views of the lake of Nikolaos Plastiras.

At Hotel Nevros we have managed to combine traditional flavors with modern cuisine, so we can meet the simplest and most demanding customers. The chef of our hotel awaits you to try our culinary delights and of course to relax while enjoying the magnificent view of Lake Plastira. The hotel's tavern Nevros has become a trademark and every Sunday it is transformed into a modernized tsipourodika with the best snacks. Also from the tavern's list you can taste our cooked food as well.

Traditional meals travel to local traditional cuisine and satisfy every taste of your taste. The aromatic plants that give color to our food come from our well-tended garden. Traditional pies of the day with handmade leaves and fresh pastries for every gastronomic desire.
The lobby bar allows you to relax by the magnificent view and enjoy a coffee or a drink. Frequently there are concerts in our field with well-known artists to travel to the world of music. With your coffee, we also offer homemade cookies.

Alternative tourism
Participating in your Alternate tourism we can know our herbs to cook friends and confide you all our secrets and recipes for success.